Pub or Run? This isn’t going to be easy.

You cannot beat the feeling of standing outside in the sunshine just taking it all in. I love British summer time (after I have taken my antihistamine as hayfever is a little bitch) the smell of pollen, green fields and the cool summer breeze on your skin. I love just stopping, for just five minutes to stand, breathe and taking it all in. The one time … Continue reading Pub or Run? This isn’t going to be easy.

I was never sporty spice

I work in the sporting world and I love it, especially event days. The buzz of sharing celebrating cup winners over twitter to marshalling athletes around the mix zone that I grew up watching (Dwan Chambers – top bloke) to the atmosphere in the tunnel at a Premier football club making sure you are ready for anything. Living on the edge and I thrive in it. Now … Continue reading I was never sporty spice