Pub or Run? This isn’t going to be easy.

You cannot beat the feeling of standing outside in the sunshine just taking it all in. I love British summer time (after I have taken my antihistamine as hayfever is a little bitch) the smell of pollen, green fields and the cool summer breeze on your skin. I love just stopping, for just five minutes to stand, breathe and taking it all in. The one time I probably stop in my busy life!

The nights have got later which means light nights!! This is an absolute winner and now the sun has decided to come out it is perfect beer garden weather post work. I have wonderful big front garden that for the past two days I have sat in and eaten lunch with a beer in hand and read. It has been bliss, especially after a mad few weeks at work! (wonderful world of sport in the lead up to RIO!)

The real challenge is motivation. How can I motivate myself to go for a run in the heat and after a hard days work? I have no idea. Tips welcome because right now I am truly fearing this half marathon in Septemeber. I need to find an enjoyment in running. I have asked friends who run why they enjoy it. There answers mainly around to clear their head or to switch off but that just doesn’t relate to me. If anything I switch more on and think of everything! Some may be to look good in a bikini for the summer but I am too comfortable in my one pieces that is never going to happen.

So I am putting a plan into action to motivate me to this half marathon. I have a few ideas listed below, that I want to share as a problem halved is almost a problem solved. Unsure if I have said that right .. I think what motivates me is not letting people down. If I have agreed to meet someone or go to a session with friends I will feel so bad if I don’t go. So no matter how much I will not want to go for a run around the park at 9am on a Saturday, if I am meeting a friend I will do it.

So I am sharing with you all some ideas that I will blog or vlog (I know how exciting!) that will force me to get me out running! I am not drunk when I write this but I may have a slight screw loose.

  1. FitnessFridays

I decided to share my highlight of when I run my usual 5 km and that is normally when I have a good tune going on. I find it is only when I have a good tune I get into the rhythm so every Friday I will share my tune of the week that has helped me that week! So suggestions are always welcome.

2. Beth’s vlogs

I love editing film footage and creating videos. So I am going to invest in a go pro (see if te brother wants to go halves firsts obvs) and document my journey to the Great North. From attaching a go pro to me for my runs to trainer shopping! One a week will be the aim from the 1st of June, a 3-month countdown.

3. Find a running club

I have a dear friend Pip who loves everything about running and fitness. She is my inspo for this. She loves her running community and her Instagram looks like so much fun as she documents it all. So I am going to try and find a running club that will suit me. I normally hate talking whilst running, my poor mate Grace loves a chat but I used to just nod or splattered out a sentence when we used to go for runs. This one will be a challenge.

This is all for now but if anyone has any suggestions to help a reluctant runner get in shape then please let me know!



3 thoughts on “Pub or Run? This isn’t going to be easy.

  1. Best of luck! I find motivation through music more than anything else… film soundtracks with an epic sound are really the best thing for me personally. It’s not for everyone though. I hope you find the motivation you’re looking for! Btw, do you mean Pip from the blog Pip in Motion? I like reading that blog too, if so : )


    1. Oh great shout on music from movies, I really enjoy Pirate of the Caribbean so that may actually work! thanks! No, she doesn’t have a blog but she should – I will check that Pip out tho!

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