Cafe Tour – Yorkshire Edition

I may be Southen but at heart I am basically Northern. Moving away from the North was hard. I mean where else can you wish complete strangers good morning and get a smile back? And the petrol costs?!! Are petrol stations down south basically gold? Anyway that is another story for another day ..

I visited York to visit my dear friend Emma and her future sprinter of a daughter Isla (she is 1 and a bit) and York is just beautiful. Think Hogsmead meets typically modern day British cobbled streets of your dreams.

Emma, who runs her own blog (totes read here) is a fellow cafe lover and a complete foodie. She introduced me to Hemsley & Hemsley and other wonderful based chefs! And I introduced the great that is the Body Coach to her. So when I was up for a few days last month visiting it was only right that she took me to her favourite cafe in a city full of them.

Brew & Brownie 


Classic us we were later than expected as we got distracted by shops (mainly Mango and Olivier Bonus – which was my first experience of this overly expensive, I want everything for my house, shop)

Now don’t be put off by the small, simplistic monochrome theme from the outside it oozes homecooked baked goods and heartfelt welcome from the local young Yorkshire lasses.


Of course, I chose the coffee and walnut cake. My go too of the cake world, most would like a cup of coffee and coffee cake too much but not me! Due to arriving at 4pm and them closing at 5pm there wasn’t as much of a choice from a cake point of view but a running theme was they were a fan of a traditional tray bakes. They are so easy to make yourself and do remind me of being 8 years old and school dinners (the more positive side of school dinners)

We chose to sit in the corner of the open plan cafe, I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the seating. Odd and small but quite key if you are going to set up shop for an hour or so in a cafe. I had a wooden foldable chair where else Emma sat opposite of a ben filled with cushions which looked would be much more suited for ones tooshie.


For a cappuccino it was £2.30 which is a great price (now I live in the south I had a £4.50 cup the other day – don’t worry ,I didn’t pay for that gold) Now Emma claims she has had a better flat white there but believes it was a one off so still loves the cafe.

As you can see by the menu they also do Brunch, which as much as I don’t want to admit it but I love it. Don’t even care how hipster/middle class that may sound. I love food and brunch is a part of that. Anyway, all local produce and all fitting with the season which always get a thumbs up from me – all about supporting the local farmers and all that!

So ultimately if you want to pop in for some brunch or fancy reliving your youth with a tray bake I recommend this place for a quick shopping pit stop. If you wanted to really settle in the cafe then I can only assume there may be a few comfier cafe hideaways in York that you can explore. I shall be sure to get my personal York cafe tour guide Emma to show me next time I visit!



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