East London cafe Tour – Stratford

It is that time again where I get my friends together to try out one of the many independent East London cafes. As it is Easter I have a bit of time at home due to the long weekend so Emily (my cake partner in crime) suggested a cafe 100m from her flat in the Olympic village in Stratford it made perfect sense. This time Vicki, another coffee and cake lover joined and we did a spot of shopping through Westfield (I mean it would be rude not too) I basically bought the whole of Tiger.

Anyway, Signorelli bakery was our chosen venue this month, on route to the velodrome or Lee Valley hockey and tennis centre on the corner of the Olympic village. It is away from Westfield but if you love a quiet spot then this is perfect plus a 5-minute walk never hurt nobody! (another excuse to have a second slice of cake ..)

IMG_1358 (1)

You can peer into the bakery as you enter and they have very large windows all around giving the cafe a lovely natural light. I was welcomed by the smell of freshly cooked bread so I mean I was sold pretty quickly.

Served with a friendly smile and recommendations of cake from the waiter, they had a wide range to offer from gluten free to yogurt based treats. We settled with two savory pastries (to start), a brioche based tomato and goats cheese bake and a thinner puff pastry with olives and mozzarella. Emily got a hot choc with me and Vicki getting very cute (also small) lattes at £2.30. Reasonably priced considering we were in a tourists haven of the Olympic Park.


As we natter away at the front of the shop (sadly a lad had left all his stuff in the corner of the cafe which had the uber comfy seats perfect for 3) we were never pressured into buying more food or drinks which is a nice feeling not having anyone linger. We were there from 4 till about 7ish. I showed off my ridiculous gifts from Tiger to Em as the cloud got darker. Seriously check the store out it is like IKEA meets Smiths meets some quirky toy store that you would find on the side street of London ..

Anyway we sat and chatted then finally I got the need for cake. The chocolate cake looked like it would happily melt in my mouth but there was something about this blueberry yogurt cake that really caught my eye. We got the last two to share between us and my gosh it was like spring in a dessert. Not heavy but nicely moist with fresh blueberries not overpowering on the sweet side – just perfect for me! Actually, it could have done with a few more blueberries in the cake (I like bits of fresh fruit in my cake!)


What we ate 

2 lattes, hot choc, 2 savory pastries, 2 slices of cake, 1 HUGE English tea and 2 cloudy apple juice = £10 each (between 3 people)

They do a range of cooked food too and even open till 7.30pm which most cafes aren’t. I like this as a night owl really appeals to me if you ever want to just get out of the house. They do breakfast delights to like the hipster staple avocado on toast however at £5 it is a bit too steep for me. For a breakfast bun which I can only assume is a bacon buttie is £3 on their freshly cooked bread.

A recommendation for anyone who want a peaceful cafe experience with healthy baked goods, well as healthy as they can be!



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