Budobust – A taste of Leeds Indian delights

I love food. I love Leeds. So what better combination that getting food in Leeds. I stand by the fact that Leeds is the best place for independent cafes, restaurants & bars in a city in the UK and Bundobust proves just that.

I ventured back up North at the weekend to visit friends which meant going out for food! As you can tell my life is joyed by food. I have been to Bundobust before about a year ago. I had been recommended by a colleague who was a real foodie and loved everything local. Plus I can safely say I have never had Indian vegan tapas food before!

If you are a fan of craft beer then this is the added bonus (or may be the main pull into this place!) My personal choice was German beer Pilsner but they pride themselves on a range of India Pale Ales, a classic beer style that was originally brewed in England and shipped to the troops in times of The Raj. Also from being my nosy self in this bustling cafe the cocktails look second to none! So if beer isn’t your thing then don’t worry this place has you covered!


So classic me I forgot to take a snap of the food before I dug in hence the half eaten picture! I also ordered too much, my recommendation would be to get an array of dishes between a few of you (for 2 people, 4/5 dishes)

What I ate

Onion Gobi Bahjis are a staple, a classic Indian dish full of flavour (I got three in the pot with a red pepper chutney in the bottom, defo one to share!) My personal favourite, which is the empty dish in the bottom right-hand corner is the Bundo Chat, a samosa pastry based dish with tiny turmeric noodles, chickpeas, potato, tamarind chutney & yoghurt all served cold. It was delightful and I could have had another dish, very moreish! Okra fries are a little like marmite, you love them or hate them. They can easily be shared and described as ‘lady fingers in chick pea batter’ I have my own personal description of ‘Shrek’s fingers fried’ either way I like them.  The chickpeas have quite a kick to it so if you can’t handle spice then it’s a no-go (unless you have a cold you want cleaering out) but another solid dish to share with 4 slices of Indian flatbread if you want a safe flavour option.

This hidden gem of Leeds can be found right by the train station, it is always filled with people but always room to squeeze in. If you are looking to go for the evening with friends but not fancying a big one then this is perfect, with its friendly atmosphere, spicy flavoursome food with a wide range of drinks for all, you will never want to leave!

I already can’t wait to go back to Leeds in April to try another local delight! If you ever visit Leeds check out Leeds List as that is where I get most of my recommendations and give a good idea of local places to go.



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