Relocation, relocation, relocation

Anyone has ever moved knows what a long and painful process it can be. So here are my top tips for anyone that has ever had to move .. even if it is across the hall.

  1. Clear all junk before you even dream of starting to pack. Be realistic what you want to keep. This is the one that I need to get quicker at. I am a sentimental sod and have a memories box which all my photos, programmes, tickets go into.
  2. Plenty of bin bags. There is nothing wrong using bin bags to move everything just make sure they are clearly labelled! Very handy as you can suck all the air out and flat pack them into your car. Mother Moorley trick right there.
  3. Don’t want to use black bin bags then see if your local Lidl or supermarket have boxes you can use. I actually picked up some nice cream looking ones from IKEA so they still look nice in my room if on show.
  4. Start earlier than you think you should start. Odd I know but I have been bitten many times thinking I can pack what ever is left in the morning. This has delayed me many times.
  5. Plan breaks. Snack and water or tea and cake breaks are key to keeping motivation on a high. Otherwise you will crash on your bed surrounded by all of the stuff. I speak from experience.
  6. Make sure you car/van is big enough. This shot me in the foot when moving from Glasgow to Leeds. I had to leave stuff at a friends garage in Glasgow, whoops.
  7. Once moved in unpack an hour after, while you have your blood pumping from carrying everything to the room get unpacking the big stuff. You will feel a lot better the next day knowing you have already done some. I start with clothes as that is the easiest.
  8. Scout out your new room. Can your stuff all fit in this room? For me, probably not!
  9. Don’t have your leaving do the night before you move. I have travelled a little worse for wear and had to set off at a later time twice now. (been at least 5 hours behind my scheduled time)
  10. Check for under bed storage – this is actually quite a big sell point of a room for me.

I speak only from experience moving from Sawbridgeworth (family home) to Glasgow to Leeds and now back down to West London.

I can now pack my car down to a tea and am moving expert – enjoy it, its the start of an exciting new adventure!!



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