East London Cafe Tour begins

I love cake. I also love coffee. I really enjoy a cafe. So after seeing Time Outs post on the 19 best cafes in East London I thought let’s make this a mini tour.

I have a close friend who lives in Stratford, Emily, she will be the sexy one outside of all the cafes. I have invited her along on this tour as just another excuse to catch up and have a natter. Plus you should always share good food. We have developed our own scoring system and will share with you how purse friendly we think each one is.

First up we head to Leytonstone. We did try to make it brunch but classically we were both running behind time so made it for 12.30 lunch instead!


Wild Goose Bakery 



Wild Goose Bakery was our choice and on a miserable day, early February this little bakery bundle of joy certainly cheered up my Saturday.

Homemade marshmallows. Heloooo that alone should be a good enough reasons to try it out. I don’t event know where to start if I tried to make my own ..

Feeling ambitious and with Em running late I bravely chose to try a matcha green tea & hazelnut latte to start. I like green tea and hazelnut milk sounded great so why not? No. Sugar couldn’t even save it. Tasted like arse.


Could you tell we were hungry?


Em & Beth’s Cafe Review Breakdown

Drinks – The cost for a cappuccino at £2.20 with all your coffee needs around that price. They had a wide range of cold drinks. From super indulgent milkshakes to super food healthy smoothies, so catering for all. Plenty of teas if that is more your thing!

Savory – A range of home made chutneys on your right as you enter with a range of items for lunch, they finish serving food at 3pm. We chose 3 cheese toastie on home made (stunningly) bread with some chutney on the side. Nothing I would jump for joy over, it was just nice. They had a range of food from pancakes to breakfast porridges with kids portions too.

Sweet – This place is all about the sweet. CAKE CAKE CAKE. I cannot stress this enough. If you go you must get cake! You can get cakes to order and they pride themselves on all home baked goods from local produce. We had the muffin below to share and it was a delight! It is an absolute must all made with local produce which is always a lovely bonus for me.


Apple Crumble with Custard muffin – the highlight of the cafe


Deco – Small but sweet cafe, as you enter the front is full of home baked items and as you venture further in you will find shared benches with a few granny like chairs dotted about. The ceiling full of hanging bare light bulbs with paper pom poms to give it that home made like feel. The walls filled with a local artist work, very detailed etchy images with flashes of colour to brighten the white walls of the cafe.

Vibe – Every type of person came in and out of the small seated area in the 2 hours we were there. We shot gunned the granny chairs which couldn’t have been comfier. Very chilled and local vibes. Big fan of this. You are all crammed in and slightly on top of one another as the seated area is very limited but I enjoy that hustle and bustle.

Location – Easy to find once escaping the tube (really straight up Church Lane from the tube, very hard to go wrong!)

Purse Score: £16 for two posh cheese toasties, 1 giant cupcake, a hot choc & cappuccino. We felt it was more than reasonable and would happily go back for cake again!

If you have any London cafes as a recommendation please let me know, we are looking for our next one to catch up in March!


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