Start of the year serves up some sporting treats

January 2016

So a start of a new year, us women love a new years resolution and normally it involves around getting fit. A friend of mine shared with me her opinion of these resolutions, ‘Why bother starting these resolutions in January? It is known to be one of the most depressing, months; we need our comforts more than ever in January to keep us going!‘ I couldn’t agree with her more. Anyway, this is my first round up of women in sport highlights of the month and I couldn’t be more excited for this year as it is an Olympic year, my favorite.

So what exciting sporting stories have happened this month to kick start the year?

Well firstly I better start with Jo Konta semi-final success in the Australian Open, one of the big 4 grand slams in the tennis circuit. The first Brit to make a Grand slam semi-final since 1977 and didn’t she do well. She was knocked out to the German who went on to defeat the odds to beat tennis goddess/legend/hero Serena Williams in the final. *Please note I am a huge admirer of Serena and everything she has done, one of the best female athletes ever. EVER.

Next story was Sport England’s This girl Can campaign 1 year Birthday. This is a campaign to get every women in the UK active. If you haven’t seen the tv advert (where have you been?) Click on this sentence to watch, it is a must see! If this doesn’t get you, male or female, blood pumping then you must be dead in side.

I have had the pleasure to help launch University of Leeds own version of this, Uni Girls Can inspiring female staff and students to get active. Mainly by enticing them with cake at the end of an activity!


Finale event of our Uni Girls Can launch – cat walk urban run round Leeds Centre


This will be a key year for the campaign to work with NGB, schools and local clubs to get more women than ever to stick to being active. That is the real challenge but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Next is Susie Wolff. A lesser-known name but if you are a lady who fancies yourself a better driver than you other half then listen up. Susie was a test driver for Mercedes and has just retired. She is starting her own initiative to get more women into motorsport. Hoping to expand into more male dominated sports over time. I couldn’t be more excited for this, I keep hinting to people for my next birthday I would like a race car experience. Basically to go really fast in a rally car round a track. Heloooo adrenaline rush!

Now across the pond one of the greatest skiers has set another record. Lindsay Vonn is hands down one of the greatest skiers that have ever lived. *note I used the word skiers

Some may know the name as Tiger Woods ex but this blonde hero is a sporting great in her own right, she has the most victories in super-G with 26 titles and now set a new world record with 37th consecutive wins. She is amazing.

In the hockey world we had many women nominated for the big FIH (International federation of hockey) world awards, with goal keeper extraordinaire Maddie Hinch (check her saving penalties at the recent Europeans – England football men’s team should take note!) for best GK. It was our youngster Lily Owsley who won though, global young player of the year. Well done Lily. If I could be more excited for the up coming Olympics I think I would burst.

Hope you all enjoyed my highlights of this month, share your sporting highlights with me!

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