My Year in Leeds

That is it. My time in Leeds is done.


I am so sad to be leaving. I moved to West Yorkshire at the end of January in 2015 for a job at Leeds University Union managing all their sports events and social media. What a year it has been.

Working in student union, sorry, the best student union in the country has been a delight, stressful and supportive all at the same time. I can’t recommend working for a student union enough if you like each day not to be the same, passionate about what you do and love working with students. I have had the best and maddest work colleagues.


My biggest achievement to date. I managed the biggest student Varsity rugby fixture, seeing over 14,500 people attend (Leeds Uni selling 10,000 of those sales) on the same evening that a rugby world cup match with less than 12,000.

That was a success but I was Miss Stressballs after having an emergency pitch inspection at 1pm (it almost got called off) which lead me to only eating 3 choccy biscuits all day then when on a night out with the student radio team and woke up in the morning with a horrid gin filled hangover. I felt I deserved it.

In the lead up to any event we had photo shoots with students and I loved every minute directing them. I mean, they don’t call me bossy at work for no reason. Well only Eamonn does actually …

I worked with our graphic designer to produce all the imagery which was so much fun, I love being creative and luckily, Mark really welcomed my ideas. I was so so so pleased with the final out comes. I actually pinned them around my desk like a proud parent!

All of the events 

Now this may surprise you but I didn’t study events I just naturally warmed that way. So I have learnt SO SO SO much about putting a range of events on. I have had some great success but also learnt many lessons. From forgetting to invite some VIPS to an awards evening to missing the whole event due to ticket issues.

There were so many other events that I lead on which were great fun – Christie Champs (3 way Varsity) was so much fun and challenge but enjoyed working with the other Universities on this. We came third but we definitely had the most fun. I also got to share a bus back from Liverpool to Leeds with a very drunk swim team.

oh I ordered a mascot and named he/she George.


I have made some amazing friends.

They have introduced and shown me around Leeds and Yorkshire. I have made fantastic memories, from the cat walk run around Leeds, walking along the top of the hills on a summer evenings and of course, attending any rugby based event.

Sarah my events wife in which we would pep talk our way through many of our events and campaigns (she also has a blog so go read) and to Kate, the best boss ever. She may only have worked part time but she knew how to manage a great team. She was also hilarious so kept spirits up and knew how to break the tension. So pleased she gave me a chance and employed me. Also her impressions of her Yorkshire boyfriend were a great highlight of my day.


What I love in Leeds

Food – Leeds is full of independent and local chain restaurants which are glorious.

Zaap Thai. I cannot get enough of this place, I have even met the owner and everything. She runs Sukhothai a much posher thai restaurant, this is all about thai street food (it even has a working tuc tuc!) Leeds is full of independent and local chain restaurants which are glorious.

Headingley is full of independent places, Ecco pizza is one of the best pizzas I have ever had and so good on your purse. Tiger in Pajamas is a new Indian tapas bar which is very authentic, chilled vibe.


Bar – Belgrave music hall. I mean it’s so hipster but who cares. I love it, with their live music, 24 hour (I have never seen them not)pizza stall and a beautiful beer garden, I mean what’s not to love!  and the vibe is so chilled, what is there not to love.

My choice for a dance on night out was always Jakes. It is a small bar down Call Lane, some people may scoff at this choice but I have always had so much fun. Old school soul and classic R’n’B tunes with great bar staff!

Shopping is great. Now many might not think this but it is all very close together and has your key high street shops. All means less walking from one place to another. Winner.

This is a great city that I can’t recommend for anyone who loves a lively city but on a budget. Why am I moving to London again?!

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