I’m in the Great North Run

I applied and I am in, I am running the 2016 Great North Run. Oh gosh. What a challenge I have ahead of me.

However, this is not the first time I have been involved in this event. Many moons ago I ran the junior Great North run, not once but TWICE. Due to having family from that end of the country, all being keen sporty people all of us cousins entered. Classic me I was last but I was most certainly not as fit as I am now and that is saying something. (See picture for true insight)

I love the North East. The people (including the accent), the city sites and even the weather.  My Aunt lives in Durham so I will of course be making a family event out of this. I will be deeply disappointed if we don’t especially as I am the less fit one out of me and my brother. Oh he is a physio so I will definitely need him there. September the 11th – get it in the diary folks! I will of course be running for a charity, unsure which one (I suggested Stroke Association when applying so it may be for them – yay!) But just waiting for the details about it all.

I am planning on training with my good friend Pip who is a keen bean in the running world. It is her who inspired me to really push on with my lack of enjoyment of running. She ran the Great North last year and is mega jel that she didn’t get in and I did this year. Either way, she will be training for the Chelmsford Marathon and with me moving in London we are going to go on London training runs together! Where she will talk at me the whole time while I try to breathe and not think about my legs going to jelly. So expect posts galore from mine and hers runs!

I will be documenting my training, eating habits and anything related to this via this blog. I will share any inspiring talks, recipes and running hacks I uncover! (god knows what they may end up being) It will be humourous for someone who struggles with the physical act of getting out of bed every day.

Any tips very welcome!


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