Boxing Day Mud Run

Once again I have signed up to a 10k in January. Silly old me. It is the Cancer Research Winter Run series and the run I will be doing is held in Liverpool.

I have began running while at home as I have wonderful routes back at the family town of Sawbridgeworth. I love my route along the river and through the parks near my house. I am unsure why but I think it is how quiet it is and the scenery.

So after over indulging in everything Christmas (enjoyed every minute of it and do not regret a single thing) I put my trainers on on Boxing Day and went for a run. Well I am amazed I didn’t drown myself after slipping and sliding all over the place after the sheer amount of mud on the pathways.



I was dancing along to avoid the major puddles and had to turn back twice after my pathway turned into marsh land.However I may have taken a lot longer to run just under 5k but I still enjoyed the scenery around me and the challenges the weather gave me!

What’s the worse terrain you have run in, thinking it was a good idea?


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